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What is Infinity IoT?

Infinity IoT is a project name for two stand alone products: Infinity Watch and Infinity Box. Both the watch and the box have exactly the same hardware inside, one in a form factor of a watch, and the other - as a box. The devices have Android 4.4.2 OS with completely open source tools which allows you a world of infinite possibilities with these do-all products. Write your own Android code and install it into your devices. Whether you just develop for fun, or if you wish to deploy thousands of devices - we have you covered with our Infinity SDK and set of tools to help you program. Infinity IoT welcomes both senior Android developers, as well as users with zero programming skills. Click the Infinity Box or Infinity Watch in the upper menu to find out more!


How does it work?

We all love tech gadgets, Infinity IoT is different. Here is how it works.

Get a Device

Get an Infinity IoT product, register an account in the IoT platform and think about the solution you want to build.


Use your Java Android skills, along with our easy to use SDK, and start to build things. We provide the hardware, you provide the software. It’s that simple.

Yay! Done.

Transfer your APK file into the Infinity Watch or Infinity Box. Run it.

How To Develop?

We created 7 development tools for you to choose. All of these options are available for you in our Infintiy IoT platform.

Infinity SDK

The Infinity SDK contains all you need in order to fully control the Infinity Watch and Box.

Infinity IoT Platform

You can fully control the devices from the IoT platform - turning on and off all features.

Create an Action

We allow you to create an action with zero programming knowledge. as simple as: "If button is pressed, send GPS location". or "If button is pressed, make a phone call to my wife"


Do you prefer Linux? no problem! you can run your Linux scripts inside.

ADB Shell

Connect your device to a USB and send ADB shell commands. very usefull for testing and debugging.


You can control the devices directly from your service on your server using GET/POST and JSON. For example, Calling this API: /innerChip/vibrate?status=1 will turn on the vibration on the box/watch.

External Service

We allow external services for you to develop with: IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, App Inventor 2, PhoneGap.

What are you waiting for? Don't you think it's about time?


Answers to the questions we get almost daily

The Infinity IoT hardware allows to shorten the time for companies and projects to come out. Infinity IoT is IoT out of the box for you to develop any IoT solution. Nowadays, there are more and more Android developers and IoT companies that deliver software, but the hardware side, which is considerable the most challenging side, is left behind. Thats why we are here. we give hardware to your software.

Raspberry Pi is a piece of hardware that has I/O sockets and mostly used for developing training. Infinity IoT allows real usage for your IoT business. The Infinity IoT provides you access to LTE connectivity, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth – a completely stand alone and open source device for your projects

The Infinity SDK is set of tools for developers that allows you to access all android system that the normal android SDK will not allow you without the appropriate permission. The devices we provide allows you Root access to all android hardware, to control just about everything.

“Google Services” is not installed in the Infinity IoT devices, and hence, Google play is not present. But, you can install any app that supports Android 4.4.2 by transerring the APK file and install it (via our IoT Platform or ADB shell)

Of course! we want you to enjoy the product and keep using it, showing the world the Apps you make. The devices comes with 12 months warrany.

Please go to “Buy Now” page to see the price for the Infinity Watch and Infinity Box, and where to buy it from.

Infinity IoT comes with a minimal monthly subscription as well (first 3 months for free) to cover the worldwide (!!) SIM connectivity (LTE/3G/2G), server usage, Google Maps and location services, VoIP phone calls and for keep building the community and the open source tools. You can stop the service at any time.

Discounts are available for projects with 100+ devices, students, and school projects. please contact us.

Infinity SDK, and all other set of programming tools, allows you to get coordinates from the GPS, like any other Android device. Moreover, we allow you to access the “Location Services” that uses GPS+WIFI+LBS+AGPS to provide you accurate location (street name) indoor and outdoor, so you dont have to work with Latitude and Longitude yourself.

Please go to “Infinity Box” and “Infinity Watch” menu items to see specific use cases for each product. Those use cases were shared with us by the community.

The Infinity watch and Infinity box has a built in SIM card. We allow you to use 40MB (LTE/3G/2G) per month for most countries. this 40MB can be used for:

  • Controlling the device from the IoT platform.
  • Location updates to server.
  • VoIP phone calls.
  • Any communication from server to the device requires data, unless its done from the Infinity SDK or ADB commands.

If you need more data you can:

  1. Buy larger package.
  2. Connect the device to your local WIFI.


For the software side, this is what we can offer:

  • Using our server, with your own domian ( and have your own logo.
  • Using your server (on-premise install) so you can manage your own clients, devices, billing and resources.
  • The mobile App can be branded to your needs.
  • Moreover, if you have an idea but don’t have the development skills, we have Android experts in our staff that will write an App just for you.

For the hardware, this is what we can offer:

  • We can install your logo on the Watch’s Firmware for your clients to see when booting.
  • We can install your APK app right from the factory to save you time and energy to deliver to your customers.

Please contact us at: