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Look Inside the Infinity Watch

An open source Android Smart Watch that allows you to build your own App and run it in the watch.

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Speaker & Microphone included
LTE/3G/2G Connectivity included
BLE 4.0
SOS button
TFT LCD 1.54" Screen
IP67 Waterproof
Magnetic Charging
Heart Rate

How do you write code to the watch?

we built 8 different ways to write code into the watch, here is how it's done:


Write Android code the same way you know. The Infinity SDK allows you Root access which gives you full control over features that are usually blocked on normal Android devices due to permissions.


Our simple to use Infinity SDK allows you to properly test the code you write. The watch has a screen so you will see results in REAL TIME. Compile your code into an APK and send it to the watch.

Yay! Done.

All that is left now is to see your code running inside the watch and acting the way you wrote. Isn’t it beautiful to run your code into a Smart Watch?

The Hardware

Allow us to introduce the Hardware of the Infinity Watch

The Chip

Processor: SC9820E by Unisoc CPU: 1.3GHz Quad-core, 64 bit ARM Cortex-A53


GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou Included. AGPS supported. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Included. BLE 4.0 Included.

Memory & Storage

ROM: 4 GB RAM: 512 MB Storage: 2.56 GB

Cellular Bands

2G: 1900/1800/850/900 MHz 3G: 900/1900/2100 MHz LTE-FDD (4G): 1900/1800/1700/700/800 MHz 4FF (Nano) SIM card included.


Speaker Included Microphone Included VoIP included


IP67 waterproof protection for dust and water You can take a shower with the watch.




1000 mAh Lithium Ion Can last up to 4 days of usage. Charging using a docking station with USB cable

Size & Weight

Screen size: 44.3 X 47.4 X 17.7 mm Strap size: - Upper strap: 85.7 mm - Bottom strap: 124.6 mm Weight: 81g (0.17 lbs)

2 Buttons

One black side button for turning the watch on / off and as a return button. One red side button that you can control. single press, double press , long press (3 seconds)


Screen Resolution: 240x240. TFT LCD 1.54" Touch screen. Analog / Digital clock 12 or 24 hours clock Apps shows as icons on the screen Android Settings App installed as default. The screen look is 100% customized to your needs.


Heart Rate Included Motion Included G-Sensor Included Drop detection Included Gyroscope Included Accelerometer Included Vibration Included sensorHUB

The Software

A list of the things we included for you in the software. And there are many more! 

Operating System

Root Access Enabled Android 4.4.4 API Level 19


Your APP can run when the watch is booted, so it's always running and operating.

Your App

Write your own APP file and push it into the Infinity Watch. You can run multi Apps simultaneously. they will appear as icons on the screen and can run on boot. You can also install any App thats supports Android 4.4.2 into the watch


- Get outdoor location (using GPS/AGPS) - Get indoor location (using WIFI) - Create your own indoor location (using our WIFI mapping)

VoIP Calls

Incoming and outgoing phone calls using VoIP. Receive a call, start a call and end a call from your code to any phone number around the world! We allow you to choose the caller ID as well.

1 Red Button

Control 3 ways: - Short press - Double press - Long press (3 seconds)


Connect to any bluetooth external device, get the data and send it to your server. For example: Blood glucose, ECG device, Blood Meassurements: Oxygen, CO2, O2 etc.

Socket Connection / Webhooks

The Watch can connect to your server (using IP and Port) and deliver all the data to you. You can also receive it using POST/GET


Get WIFI list of routers nearby, connect to a WIFI (for internet usage), open access point.

Root Control

Root control over actions such as: Turning the watch off, restart it, turn on/off airplane mode.

Heart Rate

You have full control over the heart rate sensor which is located at the back of the watch. turn it on and off and get the heart rate data.


Play Audio file, record audio from microphone (start, pause, save)

Text To Speech

Let the device read any text in English (more languages to come!). You can use the feature to read a text or the time.

Smart Home IoT

Connect the Watch to Alexa and Google Assistant (Google Home) to voice control the internet and smart home. Turn lights on and off, play music and activate bluetooth/wifi devices around the house.

Fall Down

The watch can detect a fall down and you can also set the sensitivity level. Be notified when the watch is falling (or the person that carries it). You can initiate a call or alarm to your server.

Timers for the watch

Set timers for something to happen after X seconds, minutes, hours. Anything you like.

Android SDK

While programming, use the basic well known Android SDK commands along with the Infinity SDK to access all features available for Android 4.4.4

Alarm Clock & Reminders

Set alarm clock the same way you do it with on Android phones

Over The Air

The Infinity SDK updates, and your own APP updates, can be sent to the watch remotely over the internet, so you don't need a cable to update new versions.


As you know, Android is based on Linux Kernel. we allow you to run and execute linux shell scripts / commands directly to the Watch.

Much Much More!

The software you make is limited only by your imagination. we provide you infinity of abilities to program the device you want.


The Infinity Watch has a built in SIM card which allows connectivity around the world in 210 countries. This is what you get:

Use Cases

Here are some Use Cases for you to see, coming from our clients showing the way they use the Infinity Watch.

Fall Detection for lone workers

We work with a few institutes around the world. They gave the watch as a fall detection alarm for scientists and employees that are consider to be “at risk”. when fall is detected, the manager gets alarm and a phone call.

Visual Impairment

One of our clients in the USA, built a small navigation app that speaks and help blind people to get to where they need, using our Infinity SDK and Google Maps. the watch speaks and says “Turn left in 100 feet” so they can know their way.


One of our clients in the USA, built a small navigation app that speaks and help blind people to get to where they need, using our Infinity SDK and Google Maps. the watch speaks and says “Turn left in 100 feet” so they can know their way.

Push To Talk

A company in Canada is using the watch as Push To Talk (PTT) service between few watches and Infinity Box. One button press to send voice recording to the other party.

SOS button for seniors

Nursing home and private clients are using the watch as Personal Emergency Response System using the SOS button and the fall alarm, the patient is now safe.

Alzheimer Patients

One of our clients is selling the watch for Alzheimer patients. when the patient is lost, the family is using the mobile app to track him using the GPS and the WIFI (indoor and ourdoor). They also use the feature to read the clock for him.

Audio Music Play

Some runners use the watch as a replacement of their phone while they run outdoor. they installed Spotify and bluetooth earbuds for music listening while running.

Screen Mirror

Installing your files inside the internal storage allowing you to carry it with you all the time. One of our client installed Screen Mirror app that allowes to project the watch to his TV to show files to his clients.

Heart Rate

A public safety company in Paris is measuring the heart rate of their patients every 10 minutes and using a smart algorithm, they can predict heart arrhythmias.

Smart Home

Installing IFTTT and Alexa API, allowed one of our clients to have a home control over his IoT around the house: Turning on/off lights, switches, boiler, electricity and Spotify music.

Smart Watch

You can use the Infinity Watch as a Smart Watch, installing apps that support Android 4.4.2 such as Whatsapp, Spotify, Messenger, Uber and anything else you like. the watch can also pair with your own smartphone for notification.

Home Care

External Bluetooth devices such as blood glucose monitor, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, CO2 and temperature can be diagnosed and sent from the watch to the server, the dispatcher office and the doctor for monitoring.

The inside alarm clock can be used as a pill reminder for the patients.

Bike Lock

An electric bike store purchased the Infinity Watch to allow them to open and close the BLE smart lock directly from the watch. The smart lock usually comes with an app, installing the app on the watch allowed them the same features.


What are you waiting for? Don't you think it's about time?